Thursday, August 7, 2008

Make it work!

I've been enjoying the 5th season of Project Runway so much. It's funnier this year because you have a couple of designers who are a bit off. There have been some great lines from the show. The designers seem not to have a handle on the challenges. You would think after four seasons they wouldn't be so clueless. Last night's episode 'Ring of Glory' was filled with great moments. The challenge was to design an Olympic outfit for the women of the USA team.
So check out the quotes below:

Blayne - "The Olympics are humongous! So big. Thousands and millions and billions of people. Yeah, I'm going for the gold!"

Tim Gunn - "
I mean, it's looking a little Sergeant Pepper to me."
Blayne - "I don't even know what that is."
Tim Gunn - "Oh, gawd! Youth."

Blayne - "Holla at your boy."

Blayne - "Jerell's garment is a bit Titanic. I mean, it's definitely that period. End the Titanic drama. His heart will go on."

Michal Kors - "It's creative. It's interesting. But I mean, but it's, you know in Yiddish, the word is meshuggener. I mean, it's out there." (said to Jerell)

Michael Kors - "Well, if her sport is drinking it's a good dress." (in reference to Daniel's design)

Michael Kors - "Listen, I think the color is least of your problems. I don't know where she's from. I don't know, she's___ from the Republic of Cocktail Land." (said to Daniel)

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